Emma Beech

Emma Beech is a theatre maker and mother of three who started making shows for her mum in her bedroom when she was 6, and won the local Rotary Public Speaking competition when she was 13. She ran off to the big smoke from her small town to train as an actress, but found the allure of telling my own stories in a multitude of different ways too alluring. So she headed to Denmark to learn about installation theatre techniques.

She loves having D&M’s (deep and meaningfuls) about life with strangers. These conversations usually end up as rich content for her theatre shows (you might remember her from Life is Short and Long). She finds the seemingly banal and everyday endlessly fascinating. The chaos of life is a beautiful thing that deserves attention to be drawn to it through the ritual of theatre. Her work is often direct address, and montages stories, gestures and physical narratives that are collected from interviews, conversations, confessions and observations with imaginings of everything in between.

Emma is a proud founding member of the Australian Bureau of Worthiness, a residency model that creates theatre from interviews conducted with people on the street, asking: What makes your day worth it?