Dr. Devika Thomas

Dr. Devika Thomas was born and raised in Sri Lanka during a period of civil unrest, a civil war and major disruptions during which her pets gave much needed stability and comfort. She was fortunate to be offered a scholarship to study in Hobart and immediately fell in love with the peace and beauty of Tasmania.

Devika is a mother of one grown up child. She started her career in surgery but retrained in Pathology in order to spend more time with her daughter and animals. She now works as a pathologist with most of her working time spent in a laboratory though she also works in out-patient clinics. Her major interests are bone disease and women’s health.

She is also a qualified Australian Native wildlife carer, and cares for several orphan animals at home; now a part of the family she could not imagine living without. She aspires to one day operate a sanctuary for animals – a place where they find freedom from fear, hunger and pain. She believes that there is some good in everyone, but that you have to look very hard to find it in some and likes to recite her Dad’s €œmantra’ – €œdo good and be good’.