Naomi Keyte

Naomi Keyte is making an interesting blend of folk and alt-pop music that is distinct both sonically and lyrically. Think Julie Byrne, Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens, and Sharon van Etten. There is an intimacy in Keyte’s voice that is both gentle and powerful, and the band help bring to life her image-rich lyrics. With Thomas […]

Ella Pak Poy

By day Ella works with communities to increase confidence, understanding, and connectedness. For the last 6 years she has worked with young people and workers to increase access to legal information, education, and pathways to legal help, advice and support. Prior to this she worked in the arts and community development sector for organisations, councils, […]

Dr. Devika Thomas

Dr. Devika Thomas was born and raised in Sri Lanka during a period of civil unrest, a civil war and major disruptions during which her pets gave much needed stability and comfort. She was fortunate to be offered a scholarship to study in Hobart and immediately fell in love with the peace and beauty of Tasmania. […]

Katey Bereny

Katey Bereny is the second eldest of six (she’s pretty sure she’s the favourite), has approximately 30 cousins and is a single parent of twins. She has also worked hard to eke out spaces within the queer communities and friendship networks where bonds are formed that resemble that strong familial bond that is both nourishing […]

Emma Beech

Emma Beech is a theatre maker and mother of three who started making shows for her mum in her bedroom when she was 6, and won the local Rotary Public Speaking competition when she was 13. She ran off to the big smoke from her small town to train as an actress, but found the […]