Ella Pak Poy

By day Ella works with communities to increase confidence, understanding, and connectedness.

For the last 6 years she has worked with young people and workers to increase access to legal information, education, and pathways to legal help, advice and support. Prior to this she worked in the arts and community development sector for organisations, councils, and festivals.

Her biggest life project so far (apart from her toddler and families) has been Born On Monday Choir(BOM), Port Adelaide’s own community choir. Ella co-founded the choir in 2005, and has been running it for the last 11 years or so. Ella believes that non-fussy choirs are a powerful way to build connections with each other and our community.

For Ella, the best thing about the last few months has been picking up the bass again and starting a queer feminist cover band with her mates Lucy, Cath and Alana. They’ve even got a name now – Stop That Young Man.