Katey Bereny

Katey Bereny is the second eldest of six (she’s pretty sure she’s the favourite), has approximately 30 cousins and is a single parent of twins. She has also worked hard to eke out spaces within the queer communities and friendship networks where bonds are formed that resemble that strong familial bond that is both nourishing and grounding – because it is often here where we find out strongest allies and experience our most growth.

Katey works in mental health education and is passionate about learning as a lifelong journey. She has an academic background in Adult Education, Gender Studies, Public Health and Rural Health and is a member of the Lived Experience Workforce Project. Katey has a particular interest in the ways in which we navigate self care, particularly as a way of mitigating the effects of mental ill health. Katey also enjoys trail running with her dog and spending time in nature as a way of maintaining her own wellbeing. Her dog loves it too.