Lucy Hackworth

Lucy Hackworth works with schools to increase support and inclusivity of LGBTIQ students, and coordinates a Bystander Intervention program.  She is an emerging feminist scholar in the field of online harassment, with a background in anthropology and queer/feminist community development.

She has an Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies from the Central European University and the University of Utrecht, during which she completed an investigative thesis into the profiles and behaviour patterns of users who attack people online. Lucy is a founding member of Ripple Projects that has developed Free2Wee a project to increase visibility of gender-neutral toilets around Adelaide.

Lucy attempts to work intersectionally and to “walk the walk” by being an anti-racist, queer feminist practitioner – a process that involves lots of listening, learning, mistakes, and recognition of oppression.

Lucy will be speaking at The Mary Lee Exchange 4 on Saturday 10 Feb – tickets start at $5 (+bf) book now!