Sandra Dann

Sandra is, among many things, the Director of the Working Women’s Centre SA Inc (WWC). Here she is pictured accepting the Law Society of South Australia‘s Justice Award on behalf of the WWC for its contribution to access to workplace services for vulnerable women, their work in helping to set up the WWC in Timor-Leste and their training on domestic violence as a workplace issue.

We asked Sandra to tell us about a community she is a part of and what she values about it:

“I am part of many communities that sustain and embrace me so in the interests of inclusivity I identify as a feminist Peninsula dwelling lesbian dog walking workplace activist union grandmother, sympathetic to peace and my environment. Missed ‘dolphin hugging’ as I do have boundaries.

In all my work and community engagement it is the relationships that make things work, that give me joy, that support projects, ideas and sustain us. I value the sense of meaning this gives to my life, I value the compassion and the fun that women bring and I value serendipity – the right people at the right time with the right intentions in their hearts will always prevail.”